About Performance Appraisal Tools
  • SurveyShack Performance Appraisal Tools help you to deliver your HR business goals and reduce your costs in two ways:

    By transforming the online process which underpins your employee development and performance management strategy

    1. By providing a customised, “white-labelled” solution for the same cost as an “off the shelf” app.


    Possibly the most flexible online Performance Management platform available. You can choose from a list of custom configurable modules to match your existing in-house HR processes - no need to adapt the organisation to a whole new process.

    By working closely together with you, we will specify and implement an online custom configurable, modular performance management and development tool that will help you to:

    • Drive improved employee performance on a continuous basis (not just an annual tick box approach)
    • Plan personal and organisation wide training and development needs
    • Increase talent retention through close and effective 1:1 management and coaching
    • On board new starters (probationers) in an easy yet properly managed way

    And at the same time:

    • Reduce the overhead costs and risks of paper trail or more traditional online approaches
    • Simplify reporting and provide rapid insight for decision making
    • Demonstrate Compliance and Return On Investment (ROI) to your business


    Our Performance Management tool is based on a modular approach - a platform where you can choose the options which best suit your organisational needs, and budget.


    My Team Personal Improvement Plan Probation My PDP My One to ones Feedback My Objectives My Appraisal Help and Support HR Administrator User Options

  • Employee User Options

    Employee User Options

    My Appraisal

    • Optional appraisal frequency e.g. annually and/or half yearly. Your formats, your measures, your content your words and language. We mirror your existing paper-based or electronic process and in-house rules

    My Objectives

    • Set and review SMART objectives, review on a continuous basis and score these within the appraisal also if required

    My One-to-Ones

    • Record and review key points and actions from your 1:1 with your line manager.
    Some clients are substituting annual appraisal for regular monthly one-to-ones and are effectively performance appraising on a continuous basis to maximise performance and wellbeing

    My PDP

    • Personal Development Planning, integrates with Objectives to ensure that training and development planning to support objectives is in place.

    HELP and Support

    • ALL users can: access system and/or organisation specific guidance notes, and can direct support queries to HR Admin support for process, policy or user guidance, or to SurveyShack support for any system-related or technical queries.


    Every interaction with the system is logged and retained. Any required data can be permanently purged at any time also to ensure compliance with data protection and privacy requirements.

  • Manager User Options

    Manager User Options

    My Team

    • Manage your teams 1:1’s, objective setting or appraisals - all from one easy to manage dashboard.


    • Gather feedback on any of your team members from anyone of your choosing. Feedback can be structured or informal, regular or ad hoc


    • A highly advanced module where essential probation actions can be mandated by HR while also giving the Manager flexibility to create probation programs perfectly suited to their new recruits.
    Never lose sight of probationers again. On boarding and review processes ensures a positive early experience and well-founded post-probation decision making.

    PIP (Personal Improvement Plan)

    • Managers have the option to initiate a PIP (Personal Improvement Plan should special actions ever be required to improve on behaviour or performance issues.
  • HR Administrator User Options

    HR Administrator User Options

    Centralised control of the entire organisation while fully empowering all staff to undertake their Performance Management tasks independently

    Organisation Management

    • Configure and manage your unique organisational structure: Regions, Departments, Teams and Job Roles


    • Management of all users profile data in the system including Managers/Employee relationships, and the ability to log-in-as any participant to assist with in-house user support


    • Period control - define the begin and end dates for appraisal periods and which staff are required to participate
    • Multi-language administration
    • Guidance notes, how-to guides and organisational policy support documentation 
    • Email alerts and reminders

    Reporting and Insight

    • Organisational activity - status reporting and staff lists
    • Results by team, Manager, Job role, department, business unit or business unit
    • Bell Curve distribution of appraisal results
    • Development (PDP) and training needs
    • Form downloads for all modules, including Appraisals, Objectives, 1:1s, Feedback, PDP, PIP and Probation
    • Custom reposts as may be required


    Contact us here to find out more about our online Performance Management options.