About 360 Degree Feedback Service
  • A customised, white-labelled 360 degree feedback managed service from a trusted supplier, for the same cost as an 'off the shelf' template approach.

    A 360 degree appraisal diagnostic report is a very effective tool for raising self-awareness within individuals and fostering a shift to a more open and honest feedback culture within an organisation.

    360 degree feedback is valuable for the development of all individuals and especially for those in leadership or leadership development roles. It provides very practical and objective feedback measures for anyone who needs to use interactive skills within or across teams.

    The measures (reported in tabular and graphical formats of your choosing) combined with verbatim comments from those providing the feedback, frequently lead to some of those “light bulb” moments. Collective group feedback tends to eliminate individual bias and often reveals a gap between the individual self-appraisal and that of the broader team. Individuals sometimes overestimate their abilities in one area but also frequently underestimate their abilities in others. 360 degree feedback thus provides a particularly objective diagnostic picture.

    Since its invention at NASA in the 1960’s and its innovation into organisations by business schools in the 1990’s, 360 degree feedback has now become a vital tool for any organisational learning and development programme. It acts as a springboard for development action planning and a driver for both personal and team effectiveness and improved business performance.

    SurveyShack’s 360 Degree Feedback managed service is probably the most flexible service on the market today. Choose from the following options:

  • White Labelled Questionnaires and Reports

    White Labelled Questionnaires and Reports

    • Your own brand, theme
    • Your own assessment form content and format
    • Your own measurements
    • Your own report and graphics design
  • Values-based or Competency-based Assessment Design

    Values-based or Competency-based Assessment Design

    • Your Values or competencies
    • We can suggest ideas for either if you need help with this
  • Alignment With Your In-house Process and Rules

    Alignment With Your In-house Process and Rules

    You decide upon: 

    • Approval process for individual respondents
    • Respondent categories e.g. Self, Manager, Reports, Other etc.
    • Minimum and maximum number of respondents
    • Email prompts and reminders
    • Feedback frequency from your project manager throughout the process
    • Project open and close dates or extensions
    • Report deployment options e.g. to you as Admin or direct to the Individual
  • You are in complete control of your process, whilst we do the work for you!

    You are in complete control of your process, whilst we do the work for you!

    The Service includes:

    • Project Management of any part of the process
    • Consultation from our experts to help you design a practical and effective questionnaire and report
    • Guidance on the pre and post deployment implementation of your project to ensure it is well received and successful in your organisation
    • Web, smart phone, and tablet friendly questionnaires
    • Engaging, insightful and easy to read reports
    • Report distribution if required
    • Guidance on de-briefing the report 1:1 with your 360 candidates
    • Coaching services


    Contact us here to find out more about our 360 Degree Feedback Services options.