Introducing SurveyShack
  • A Little About Us And Our Team

    Founded in 2003, SurveyShack is a UK-based, privately owned company. We provide online feedback, web-based talent management solutions and automated reporting tools to global brands and SME customers.

    Our solutions provide businesses with easy to use, cost effective feedback and insightful reporting to help deliver their business goals.

    In 2013 the co-owners Mike Smith and Trevor De'Ath completed a management buyout of the original company. Driven by a desire to build on the brand values of this friendly and flexible company and real commitment to its customers; they also wanted to focus and streamline the business offer. 

    Today, the “Shack” is the place where the ‘magic’ happens and with its highly experienced team of account managers, project managers, data analysis/reporting specialists and developers, the company now delivers outstanding solutions to the dynamic business community worldwide.


    What do we do?

    We provide Talent Management tools, Survey-based feedback tools and Reportal solutions. We offer fully managed services or custom configurable online tools. Every option can be branded with the client's own brand, theme, content, formats, measurements and reporting, and the feedback can be collected via multiple mediums such as web, email, smart phone, or paper.


    How do we do it?

    By listening very carefully to our customers and then providing solutions which are attractive, engaging, intuitive and easy to use, yet practical and business like. While doing all this we insist on being highly flexible so that customers get exactly what they want. Throughout the entire time we work with the stakeholders in any project, we strive to always be fun and easy to do business with.


    Why do we do it?

    In everything we do, we believe in challenging the old ways of doing things. We believe in thinking differently so that we only deliver solutions which are practical, relevant, easy to use and demonstrably cost-effective.


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