• Online Survey Tool Subscription

    Online Survey Tool Subscription

    Take full control of your surveys. Set up, test, deploy, manage and report on your feedback projects yourself via your own online survey tool subscription.

    SurveyShack are proud certified resellers for the world leading online tool provider; Alchemer (formerly SurveyGizmo).


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  • Managed Survey Services

    Managed Survey Services

    Sometimes it's just easier and more cost effective to let an expert team do the setting up, running and reporting on the results of your survey feedback projects for you.

    The SurveyShack Managed Survey Services team are available to pick up your feedback project at any stage, including:

    • Consulting with you to develop the best methodology
    • Designing the questionnaire and/or the reporting
    • Setting up the online and/or hardcopy (printed) questionnaires
    • Providing respondents from our vast panel of consumers if required
    • Pre deployment testing
    • Deploying and project managing the live survey
    • Data entry of hand-written responses if required
    • Providing standard and/or custom reporting


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  • Reportal Solutions

    Reportal Solutions

    Obtaining the data is the easy part. Analysing, revealing the true insight, and reporting on it is where the magic happens. But this can take a lot of time and resource, especially if it is a regular project.

    Our 'Reportal' solutions automate the process wherever it is possible to do so, taking away the time-consuming part and allowing you to focus on getting the best results and delivering the perfect report - as often as you need to. 


    Imagine if you could automate any of the following stages of your regular feedback project...


    • Set up and deploy your surveys in one simple, intuitive project administration interface
    • Generate stylish, insightful reports in exactly the format you require, instantly!
    • Be able to review and edit the respondent's text comments, add your own comments or executive summary, preview and publish the report, all in your own time and place
    • Interact with the data to generate different views of the results via a dynamic web-based reporting tool
    • Distribute the report to whoever you may need to by email, or share a login with others to view it online themselves


    These are just a few of the online 'Reportal' solutions we have created for clients; saving them huge amounts of time and hassle having to do all this the slow and hard way with Excel or similarly cumbersome tools.


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